Hotel "Izhora" is one of the best places to stay in St. Petersburg.It is located in a picturesque place, where the Izhora river flows into the Neva river.In 1240 the historic event Neva Fight took place here, when Alexander Nevsky defeated the Swedish army.

This is the first private hotel with an experience of more than 28 years which is a guarantee of high quality service, that confirmed by the Certificate of assigning the category " Three stars Hotel " membership in the Russian Hotel association and te associatiomn of Small Hotels in St.Peterburg

There are 32 comfortable rooms, al of them are equipped with: bathroom,TV,telephone,refrigerator, hairdryer and other amenities. On the fist floor Hotel Izhora is located cafe-restaurant of Russian Cuisine "Matryoshka"Here you can offer organization not only hote addition meals but also Banquet, for family or corporate events.

The Hotel has a conferene-hall/Various option for furniture placement and large area of the room allow to undertake activities such as busuness seminars, lectures,celebrations,all would be based on the organizators wishes and the additional services.

In he lobby placed a souvenir shop for those who want to buy a memorable gift with The Saint-Petersburg symbols, at the hotel also works interior salon, where you can find not only the souvenirs but also decorative iems for home and office space, gifts, exclusive paintings and some that won't only decorate the interior but also will serve a memory of visiting the cultural capital.

Safety of guests of the ''Izhora hotel '' is provided by qualified staff of pivate security and modern video surveillance system. Hotel ''IZHORA'' also provide free parking for cars and buses, which is adjacent to the green area. The structure of the hotel complex includes a business center '' Alexander Nevsky'', the sevices of which are availble during your stay at the hotel.