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8 июля в Северной столице пройдет II-ой Санкт-Петербургский речной карнавал, через возрождение одной из самых прекрасных традиций Северной Венеции — карнавала.


Герои Фёдора Михайловича вновь оживут на несколько дней и пройдут парадом по улицам Петербурга. Праздник, ставший для Северной столицы доброй традицией, вернётся в этом году в Петербург 1 июля (12:00–15:00)



23 июня в 20:00. При участии Вадима Курылёва, Kelia, «Лунный пёс» и других

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The history

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The hotel "Izhora" is one of the best places for accommodation in Saint - Petersburg. The hotel "Izhora" is the first private hotel in our city which for more than 25 years period of its existence has become a real example of high quality service.
Our hotel has a certificate of conformity to the quality of services category "3 Star Hotel" and is a member of the Russian Hotel Association and a member of the Association of Small Hotels of St. Petersburg.
The hotel "Izhora" is located in a picturesque place where the river Izhora empties into the Neva River. In 1240 there was a historical event - the Battle of the Neva - Prince Alexander Nevsky defeated the Swedish army. Also the hotel has the unique location becauses of the railway station nearby, where you саn get on a high-speed train that takes you to the city center of Saint-Petersburg - Nevsky Prospect - in just 25 minutes!
The hotel "Izhora" has 32 comfortable rooms. The rooms of the hotel are provided with the bathroom, TV, phone, refrigerator, hair dryer. The security of our guests is provided by a qualified staff of a private security agency and modern video system.
In the hotel "Izhora" you will get the impression of a lovely home-cooked food made in the café-restaurant "Matryoshka" decorated in a classical Russian style.
The combination of the quality of our service together with the informational and technical support let our hotel "Izhora" become one of the favourite places of stay and rest in St. Petersburg.
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St. Petersburg, Metallostroy st. Zheleznodorozhnaya , 11-A

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